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Most Italian luxury neckwear comes from Como, in northern Italy. Handmade silk neckties, including seven-fold and six-fold luxury silk ties. Top fashion accessories for men, including wool scarves, cashmere scarves and pashmina.

Network of Italian fashion suppliers of silk neckties, silk scarves, wool scarves, and fashion accessories.

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Italian dbag artisans, factories, and manufacturers usually offer a Private Label or a collection development service: you can get your custom line of exclusive "Made in Italy" leather bags, or Began bags as well.

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* 品牌产品的高品质,时尚围巾,并且从最优秀的纤维和在大范围的款式,颜色和设计制作方形披肩真丝围巾。所有围巾都是在意大利制造。酒店提供私人标签


* 优质真丝围巾,披肩和其他服装配件。制造商的围巾,为许多意大利设计师


* 豪华丝巾的品牌,由着名的意大利艺术家的独家设计丰富。高档精品店的独一无二的时尚配饰。私人标签仅供高素质品牌或设计师使用

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